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What are Performance Cars?

A performance car is an automobile designed for maximum speed gains. Talking about performance cars, we don't usually mean racing cars. Performance cars have common features with sport cars, though they are not the same either.

Performance cars are specifically build for on-road performance, rather than for show. They are equipped with engines that provide maximum acceleration and speed.

Maserati Gran Turismo

There are three major types of performance cars:

1. Some car makers produce only performance cars. This group of manufacturers include Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, etc.

2. Many car manufacturers design performance versions of their car models, such as Mercedes-AMG or BMW-Alpina.

3. Another rather specific group or performance cars includes the ones built, modified, improved by their owners. There is a number of brands, dedicated to producing aftermarket parts and accessories for performance tuning.

Aftermarket performance tuning includes exhaust, air intake, clutch, brakes, fuel system modifications, as well as many other minor changes that result in increased HP and acceleration. The number of performance chips and programmers is available on the market. These devices allow to improve vehicle's performance without complex engine modifications.

Lead 2 Mclaren